Crown Reduction

The pruning of the complete outline dimension of the canopy from the tips of limbs and branches toward the main trunk, cutting to an appropriately sized lateral branch, twig or bud to leave a flowing silhouette. The specified end result can be stated either as the tree-height and branch-spread which are to remain, or the average equivalent in branch length (in metres). A high proportion of the foliage bearing structure is retained, which is important for the vitality of the tree.

Advanced Tree Services Ltd. advise a crown reduction to be a viable method of management to relieve stress within the specimen in regards to biomechanical issues, and to additionally reduce the scope of the tree and to allow retention with a confined site and within a confined space to suit the specimen to its location whilst also retaining its original structure and shape aiding its vitality.

Crown reductions should not be conducted whilst undertaking other management and crown pruning works due to potentially encouraging biomechanical stress and therefore aid leaf loss and productivity.

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