Tree Care

and Conservation

Advanced Tree Services (ATS) operates throughout London and South East England.  ATS offers a full and comprehensive arboricultural service — often referred to as tree surgery  to the domestic market as well as private and public sector bodies.

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Our Services Include:

Tree Care

Tree care is the application of arboricultural methods such as pruning, crown reduction/lifting, deadwood removal, felling and stump removal.

Pest & Disease Management

Trees are susceptible to a whole range of different pests and diseases. We have extensive experience of diagnosing and dealing with tree pests and diseases.

Consultancy Services, Tree Reports and Surveys

We have a team of dedicated Arboricultural Consultants whom are able to provide advice and guidance.

Hedge Trimming

We can undertake a variety hedgerow management, removal and reclamation options that is specific to client wishes, species and lay of hedge.

Tree Planting

We provide a complete tree planting package, from initial planning through to independence in the landscape.

Why Choose Us?

Advanced Tree Services (ATS) operates throughout London and South East England. We offer a full and comprehensive arboricultural service — often referred to as tree surgery  to the domestic market as well as private and public sector bodies.

At ATS, we pride ourselves on our ability to provide quality tree services in London and the surrounding area. Our motivated staff offer high levels of workmanship and we undertake all forms of tree management. 

24/7 Emergency Cover

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More than 20 Years of Experience

Founded in 1997 by Daron and Yvonne Mitchell

We are Oak Processionary Moth (OPM) specialists

Find Out more

Details of our services regarding Oak Processionary Moth [OPM] can be found here in the OPM section of our website.


Felling Scots Pine
19 Mar 2022

Following an initial survey, it was decided to fell a dying Scots Pine. The guys did the job efficiently and safely with no damage to the surrounding garden. Clearing up was magnificent. All wood removed from site and not even evidence of sawdust !

Stephen H
Excellent First Class Service
19 Mar 2022

Excellent first class service extremely professional the quote was produced on time and the work also carried out to the schedule quoted. The work was completed perfectly by a very pleasant friendly crew who were also knowledgeable and very helpful in advising on how the tree should be treated and sympathetically worked on.

A Rapid Quotation
24 Mar 2022

A rapid quotation, checked and found very reasonable, followed by making a convenient appointment. The tree was felled very efficiently, not to say impressively, and all the mess cleared up. I cannot speak too highly of ATS

Alan Power

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