At Advanced Tree Services (ATS) responsibility and continuous improvement are an integral part of our daily activities and the quality of operations. Acceptable practices that are in line with our Code of Conduct, and with our company values, are our way to create value to our employees, customers and clients.

The Code forms the baseline for all company operations and sets out standards of behaviour for each staff member at ATS. It is to be viewed as a tool to help us achieve our goal of being the most attractive company in our industry as an employer, as a business partner and as a community neighbour.

The ATS objective is to pursue long-term business in an ethical and responsible manner taking into account economic, human and social, as well as environmental matters. Striving towards sustainable development and continuous improvement are part of everyday operations at ATS.

It is the policy of ATS to comply in all of its operations with applicable laws and regulations wherever it conducts its business. These include among others laws and regulations related to; competition, product safety and product liability, occupational health and safety, labour, environment and equality at work.

The ATS Code may not cover all situations, but does provide for an understanding what is acceptable and not acceptable at ATS. When facing an issue not expressly covered by the ATS Code, we will seek to address this situation ourselves or seek advice from other resources as necessary. Many different laws and regulations apply to our business and we are all responsible for knowing the applicable legislation and regulations as well as the company policies. We must comply with these in our daily work, regardless of location.