Crown Lifting

Crown Lifting

Advanced Tree Services (ATS) specialise in crown lifting, the removal of soft growth and branches of a tree to create a desired vertical clearance above ground level or other surface. This may be from ground level or a roof to the point of origin of the lowest remaining branch or the lowest remaining foliage.

We promote crown lifting as an on-going management technique as a method of pruning to achieve several predetermined factors. Primarily, it aids vertical clearance above ground surfaces, which is sometimes required as part of council driven orders upon private houses to clear and raise access to public highways and promote site usage.

In accordance with BS 3998:2010, ATS adhere to the following guidelines:

  • Crown lift of an individual should not comprise of the removal of more than 15% of the live crown height, and the remaining live crown should not fall beneath 65% of the height of the individual.
  • Avoiding crown lifting in mature trees is recommended, as the possibility of stem failure and structural collapse is increased.
  • Considerable crown lifting, if promoted over several years of management, is possible if precautions and considerations to both physiological and biomechanical adaptations are met.

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