Oak Processionary Moth Nest Removal

Once the window of pesticide application has closed (generally mid April to the end of May), we switch to nest and caterpillar removal operations. The nests can be located in all above ground areas of a tree, but prefer sheltered areas to nest, under branches on the trunk and even at the base of a tree. For heavily infested trees or areas with a high density of Oaks, our tracked Mobile Elevated Works Platform (M.E.W.P) can access rough terrain that may cause difficulties for other vehicles. With our trained and professional operatives we can adapt to any situation to succeed in the oak processionary moth removal. We have experienced extremely good feedback using this method as we aim for efficient removal with minimal damage and disturbance.

Oak Processionary moth nest removal can be undertaken using a high suction Type H industrial vacuum where possible. Our highly skilled climbers undertake manual removal higher in the canopy and the aim is to remove all evidence of nests, caterpillars and webbing. The bags of the vacuum, PPE and any manually collected nests are removed from site and disposed of. As the nests and Oak Processionary Moth are defined as hazardous biological waste, we use a hazardous waste carrier to destroy them. ATS adhere to the correct use of the essential Personal Protective Equipment (PPE). We aim for an efficient, environmental and ecologically friendly treatment unique to the situation.